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If you've ever worked with a Personal Trainer or Health Coach then you've most likely been asked about your goals! And for most of us on the receiving end of that question there's a brief pause, some mental imaging, followed by a hasty response usually containing phrases like lose weight, tone up, be healthier or get fit. And these are all totally relevant ideas, albeit a bit vague. The truth about goals is that they are, or should be, a bit more complex. We've got to do a little more digging to find the real GOAL-D. Not to fear! In this post we'll break down the essence of goal setting and the benefits of doing so. You'll leave this read feeling ready to set goals and crush them and you'll have the tools to get it done!

What do you want to achieve? What is your desired outcome from training? How can I help you? To lend just a few examples of what you might hear from a trainer in your initial consultation, and each question is asking the same thing, what is/are your goals? If you're stuck on those general responses we looked at earlier take your time and think SMART. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Timely. In using these qualities to devise a goal we can deliver a statement that maps out exactly what we need to succeed in our fitness journey! Below are 2 examples of goals, the first is general and the second is SMART.

ex. I want to lose weight.

ex. I would like to lose 20 pounds, I want to have more energy and strength to keep up with my kids. We're going on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon in June, 6 months from now. There's a 5-mile hike planned, and I'll be carrying a backpack, I really want to look and feel my best for that!

Let's see how we satisfy all the rules for a good goal with that last statement.

Specific - 20lbs, 6 months, 5-mile hike

Measurable - Using body weight, energy levels, endurance and strength as metrics

Achievable - 20lbs in 6 months = 24 weeks to lose 20lbs or average .8lbs loss/week

5-mile hike = 6 months of progressive strength and cardio training, increasing resistance and distance in challenging but manageable intervals

Relevant - a desire to keep up with the kids and to enjoy the upcoming family vacation by increasing strength, endurance, and overall health through fitness training

Timely - 6 Months

Now that we've got these elements together we can lay out a plan to reach the goal and make the most of the training experience! Gone are the days of aimless wandering around the gym! You've got a plan now. Plus, by establishing exactly what you want from a fitness regimen we can break it down into smaller steps to make the changes more manageable and less daunting. You got this! And with all these SMART factors in mind and a calculated action plan we spur motivation and see real progress. Enjoy the excitement of having a plan, and knowing you can achieve your goal! Along the way check in with those metrics to measure progress and stay on track until you've hit your target. Be a Goal Getter! With the New Year here it's the perfect time to set some SMART goals and to make 2021 Your Year!

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