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Small Group Training Sessions 

Outdoor Fitness Classes for ALL levels

With all the new challenges we're facing daily from adapted work environments, to altered family schedules and finances, life is just different, but health should still be a priority! And we all benefit from opportunities to connect and to take care of ourselves. Through FORME Fitness small group training I aim to share my skills and experience as a trainer to create a space to take time for yourself to strengthen your body and mind.


As a certified personal trainer, and group fitness instructor I design exercise programs for clients of all fitness levels! Let's get to work to achieve your goals -- weight loss, improved functional movement, increased strength, flexibility and wellbeing!

Through this group fitness program we will knockout fun and functional workouts with our diverse community through 45-minute sessions every Thursday and Saturday. Each class will comprise of a warm-up/intro, complete guided workout, and cool down. All exercises will have modifications based on skill level from beginner to advanced -- and optional equipment add-ons will be provided before the start of class. 

Class Schedule:

Thursday - Full Body Strength & HIIT (45 Minutes) - 10:15am - Lake Park (Main St. + 12th St.)


Saturday - Full Body Strength & HIIT (45 Minutes)  - 9:30am - Central Park (Inlet Dr. + Edwards St.)

Class Description

Full Body Strength & HIIT - Work all major muscle groups with resistance based circuit training. Combining strength training with fast paced cardio elements to optimize fat burn and improve muscle tone. 45-minute full body class.


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